Oh my!!! I am on google!!!

HOLY CRAP!!!! My drawings are showing up on GOOGLE.. first page.. under images of SEAN BEAN!! 
I feel like a celebrity!!! 

What will I do..!! haha!!! I feel honored..who da thunk!!!

I did a search for Sean Bean images... on Google.. and wow.. there are my pictures...

Thanks to all my supporters.. now if only I could make a living at it!!!!

You do have to change the search to larger images.. but.. dang!! I need to pinch myself!!!

follow link!!


ps.. may be just a coincidence.. but.. cool!!!

A little history lesson.. my grandfather's experience of WWII

After my grandfather passed away over 15 years ago.. I found a diary, a few watercolor paintings, and an internment banknote..newspaper clippings.. etc.

I took the book and art and stored it away in my drawer..

I really never took much thought about it at the time. I did read the diary.. but could not find any information on the details in the diary to back it up as fact.

He never talked about his experience during WWII.. He was a Jewish refugee from Vienna, Austria.. Fled the Hitler regime to England, where he married my grandmother who lived in Leek, Staffordshire at the time. All her family came to England from Ireland..

I couldn't find any proof that my grandfather was one of the interned refugees aboard the ship, the 'Dunera'...which sailed to the Australian Internment camp called the 'Hay'..

Over the past few weeks I have done a ton of research.. and contacted various agencies in Australia.

I finally found a ship manifest.. and yes he was on board.. How neat it was to finally find proof, he really was there.

Here is a link to describe what happened to all the refugees.. as you can guess.. it was cruel and inhuman to be aboard the ship.


They made a British TV movie about it, called the Dunera boys.. I haven't watched it yet.. it can be found on youtube..


When they finally made it to Australia they were treated very well..

Here is the Australian exhibition info.


Here is the Hay museum in Austrailia.. I have been in contact with the curator.. and they may have a buyer for all my things.. including the banknote.. which may be worth a WHOLE lot of money..  WHO would have thought... finding something in a drawer could be worth so much!! 
Can range from $7,000 to $20,000... holy crap!! wouldn't that come in handy about now!!

I would like to keep the collection together.. especially if it can be saved and put in a museum...

It has become so interesting.. and all new information is coming out about my grandfather.. WILD!

Here are the paintings and a photo of granddad in his British Uniform and he suit.. He was always a snazzy dresser!!

Richard Allen Kandelmenn (Kane) changed his name after ther war.. very mysterious..

Here are a few pages I scanned! Total of 38.. yikes!!! If anyone would like to read.. just let me know.. I am tempted to post this on LJ.. in its entirety... but.. have to find time to do it!!

Spring Break in Tennessee

Well... where have I been.. other than... busy....busy...busy...busy..!! 

Keeps me sane!!

A quick update...Still in limbo.... cohabitating.. I am trying to keep sane.. Still have visions of wrought iron skillet bashing his head in..!!

Traveled to Atlanta over the weekend to see a dear friend.. I hardly get to see!!  Had a fantastic time...drank a little too much.. and stayed up to 4 in the morning talk, talk, talk!!

We both have similar lives.. .. she works hard.. has a husband who has been home for way too long.. young children.. and trying to balance everything!!!!


She has been an awesome friend to me.. and all my LJ friends during my drama the past few months...keeping me from totally losing it.. not that every once in a while..everyone deserves a crazy moment!!!!

We took the kids to the park... played ball.. walked the lake...looked at gorgeous young men in their baseball uniforms... holy crap!! HOT!
grilled out!!! had lots of wine..!!!! and played cards! A really relaxing weekend..

Thought I would share my Liz Taylor sketch.. since she has passed.. She will be missed..

Hugs to all!!

p.s. I cannot wait to see "Game of Thrones"....Sean!!! all the previews look amazing!

Elizabeth Taylor
27 February 1932 – 23 March 2011

This one I drew in 2008..... wow time flies!

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Wow.. been a while since I posted.. My life at the moment is in limbo.. not feeling as bad as I did..... I want to thank everyone who has given me such wonderful support over the past weeks...!!

You all have helped me so much.. with the overwhelming things that have been effecting me!!!

Been going to therapy... the therapist has been helping me.. steering me back into reality.... so I can stop overreacting to everything..

Hubby.. still doing stupid crap.. I have been confronting him with all the irresponsible things he has been doing..

Especially, those things that have been impacting the boys.. and how irresponsible he has been...

I have to just move.. on.. but this waiting is driving me crazy!!!!

I drew 2 new sketches this weekend.....

President Zachary Taylor.. our 12th president and Mads Mikkelsen.....

Heading to visit my mum today.. need the change of scenery!!!

Please let me off the roller coaster.. I have had enough excitement to last a life time!!

Well.. I swear.. the planets have to be out of alignment.. or I am about to lose my mind!

Well.. after.. an ok week... Not sure how I made it through, but I did..

A friend of mine calls last night and says..

Wait, let me back up!!

I wrote in my journal a month or so back.. saying my friend (Amanda) who had been married for 25 years.. is splitting up from her husband, no real information..just that he had moved out..!!

As my journal stated.. my husband was devastated (the scum bag is his best friend), I was devastated for my friend.. He was the only man she had ever been with and loved.. a real sock in the teeth!

Well, last night, I get a call from another friend of mine.. who I have known for about 15 years.. saying.. you do know who he had the affair with??? Of course, I am totally clueless.. IT IS MY SISTER-IN-LAW!!!!!  MY HUSBAND'S SISTER!!!

Well... I am totally knocked off my feet.... I confronted my husband and said... WHAT THE HELL!! WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME!

Well he then proceeds to tell me that he found out only a few weeks ago.. and Amanda asked not to tell me!!!

As, you can guess... I respect my friend not telling me.. she has to be devastated.. embarassed.. overwhelmed.. hurt...etc.. etc..

Also, she knows me well enough.. I WOULD NOT take this news very well..!!!!
I am well... to say lightly ... NOT A QUIET INDIVIDUAL

BACKGROUND ON SISTER-IN-LAW.... Jezebel.. slut... money grubbing... etc...etc....

She has never worked.. she is now 40.... just had her 3rd divorce.. has 3 daughters with her 2nd husband.. who she constantly uses.. whenever she needs money....never really loved him.. just wanted security.. he let her move back in this year.. after the last husband kicked her out!

My friend Amanda has been helping her and her girls for the last 2 years.. paying for their food.. clothes.. had her stay with them over the summer.. so she could get out of her last marriage!!!


OMG.... how low and disgusting individual.. take the wife's husband.. and money!!!

She had the nerve to post on her FACEBOOK.. that she has finally met the man that loves and will take care of her girls.!!!!


I know her all too well.. I have known her for 24 years.... In 3 months... she will have a depression and have affairs and find someone else...

She has slept with so many men.. I am surprised she doesn't have multiple VD!!!

Bad part of all this crap..... My husbands... maybe ex-husband... who knows when that is going to happen.. BEST FRIEND... will be my boys new step UNCLE?????!!  OMG!!! I am just beside myself..

But, not to worry about me.. I am about to soak in a hot tub.. relax... take multiple deep breaths... and draw... draw... draw......!!

wow... just to write this down... helps me immensely!!!!!

Now he is stalking me on Facebook... saying.


"If you had spoken to amanda or I or tiffany before you started your gossip bs it would be different... but no go ahead spread your shit.. it will come back around to you.. I bet you wont have as much glee when you are the subject.."

Lousy JERK!!!!!!!

He fails to mention.. they wouldn't talk to me about anything in the last 2 months.. saying.. they didn't want to .. .... I didn't go out of my way to find out this information!! Folks called me to tell me.... I NEVER asked.. plus, I confirmed it with my husband.. and he said it was true...
Guess truth hurts!!

There isn't much he can really say about my relationship with my husband.. that I do not know.. but.. the truth will always come out!! Plus.. I am an honest person.. and an open book.. I DO NOT KEEP SECRETS!

I did post on my sister-in-laws Facebook.... "wrong, wrong, wrong!".... was I wrong to do that????. but it felt good at the time...

I have blocked them completely off Facebook...

I just pray.. he isn't stupid enough to get my kids involved... Those are fighting words..

Amanda my friend called me this morning and wants the kids to come over in 2 weekends... I am just not sure... The drama is just too much!! and my kids really do not need to be exposed to all the crap.... I have to go with my gut.. and my mother instincts!!

Well.. thanks all.. hope everyone is well... I am getting better..and stronger.. do not worry about me!! 

Hugs.. and hopefully.. my next post... will be dull and boring.. hahah.. and many sketches!!

I feel like I am in a soap opera!! the drama has got to stop for everyones sake!!

Tuesday evening.. surviving.. trying to get through.. drawing

Has been a few days since posting..

Have been on a huge emotional rollercoaster..

The evenings are the worst... some days are better than others... wish I could rip my heart out so I stop feeling anything..

Then other times.. I feel nothing..

Then angry and jealous.. and I just want to scream!!!

But, other than all of the above.. I keep working each day.. Pray a lot.!!

I saw the lawyer yesterday..... all his plans of leaving have been put on hold...!! The expense of a divorce.. well let's just say!! NO WAY IN HELL!!! could he pay for one! or actually afford taking care of the boys for that matter!

He swears he isn't seeing his gal friend.. but after his screw up a week ago.. he has realized that his absolute horrible behavior has been hugely detrimental to his children.. Not to mention the wallet.  I CUT HIM OFF!!!!

Lawyer has confirmed most of what I knew.. Except... how expensive it will be.. wow.. I have my hubby by the balls... and yes.. they are in a vise!! haha!! 

So as you can guess.. nothing can be done..

We are cohabitating.. as well as we (I) can! 

I just DO NOT trust him anymore.. He is an alien from another planet.. Some evil spirit has taken over my husband.. The man I have known for over 24 years and replaced him with a dispicable human being.. (heartless and careless)

I believe his mother called him and blasted him on what a total ass he has been!! He has actually been a nicer person.. and not humiliating me anymore.. but for how long... who knows...!!

I am so confused.. do I try and make it work.. I have laid my marriage in Gods hands.. because.. I really have no control...

The things I am certain of are:  I am taking care of myself.. my boys ... my job.. my home... etc...!!!!!

I am going out now.. having fun with friends and family.. NOT considering him at the moment.. Do not worry.. about what he will think!!

Going to see a live band on Saturday..with all my gal friends.. That will be a blast!!

The band is called 'Marshall Creek Band' one of my teacher friend's husband is in the band!

Here is their facebook: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/pages/Marshall-Creek-Band/320415136336?v=app_2405167945

Looking forward in letting my hair down.. and having a good ole time!!

Will let you know how it goes!

Have an overdue therapy session on Thursday.. I had to wait a whole blasted month to get it!! HOLY CRAP!!! I can't do that again!!!

Here is a vid.. that had me cryin like a baby.... so unless you wanna have a good ole sob.. DO NOT WATCH!!

Weather has finally started warming up!! Bless you all!! Hope you all are well... and I am off to cry me a river!! haha!! JUST KIDDING!! maybe a stream!!!